Eric Leath

Eric is a chef who has been playing board games since his mother, a teacher, introduced them to him at an early age. Some of his earliest memories include getting walloped at Mancala, Scrabble, and Rummy by his relatives. Though he will play almost any genre of game, he tends to gravitate toward Abstracts, DBGs, Word games, and anything with “food” as a theme. His top 5 is always fluctuating, but currently includes such titles as Keyflower, Dominion, Innovation, and Button Men…

Though Eric has had numerous blogs on which he has opined, some may say “cantankerously,” he enjoys fostering relationships and talking about this hobby with anyone who wants to strike up a conversation; especially about Origins, his hometown convention.

On Geek-Craft, Eric will be writing reviews and giving convention reports.

To contact him:

Twitter: @LeathsOfGrass
Instagram: leaths_of_grass