I currently volunteer for a variety of board game companies. Their games range from light filler games to large, complex game that take several hours, and every kind of game in between. If you need a game recommendation, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help. I’ve been volunteering since 2005 and love teaching games to everyone who wants to learn them.

The logos below are some of the companies I volunteer for, and they link to their own websites. If you’re looking to play a particular game at a demo event or want to arrange something, please let me know at

AEG Arcane Wonders 200 Blue Orange Games
Calliope Games 200 Crash-Games Dice-Hate-Me-Games
Double Exposure Envoy 200 Eagle-and-Gryphon-Games Gamelyn Games Crest
Greater Than Games Green Couch Games 200 HABA_Logo 200
IGA Level-99-Games Mayfair
Mr. B. Games200 Nevermore 200 Portal Games
Stronghold Games Tasty Minstrel Games Logo Z-Man Games 200