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Origins 2015 is coming

Origins is just two weeks away. While it won’t quite compare to the events of last year, Origins 2015 is looking to be a lot of fun. I’m excited by a number of games that’ll be shown in Columbus.


Unpub 5 – A follow up

We’re back from Unpub 5 and we played a lot of interesting games. I want to talk about those games and about the convention and why you should consider Unpub in 2016, whether you’re a publisher, established designer, budding designer, or player.


Post Gen Con 2014 – 56,614 Gamers

The stats are out! There were 56,614 attendees at Gen Con 2014 with a turnstile attendance of 184,699. It was a great time and I got to see a lot of games, most of which were on my list. There were some surprises, but that’s part of the fun of Gen Con!


Gen Con 2014!

I leave for Indianapolis tomorrow morning with a variety of games in tow and big plans for Gen Con. There’s a lot going on at the convention this year, and I’ve done my best to plan ahead a bit.


Post Origins – Short Version

I’m still dealing with coming back to the real world, but Origins was an absolute blast. More people than I’ve seen in years and quite a few surprises. Here’s a quick rundown of the show highlights for me.