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2015 – What a year!

2015 has been a heck of a year. Lots of new things, more of the regular good things, and some hiccups along the way. Time for a look back over the last twelve months.


Happy New Calendar Day!

We’ve been quiet over here, what with BGG.Con, Thanksgiving, local holiday game events, Christmas, New Years, being sick, and the distractions of life. It’s been a bit crazy, but there are things planned for 2015.


Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction

Tom Vasel is a fairly well known game reviewer and runs the Dice Tower. While he and I disagree on reviewing methods and opinions on some games, the memorial fund he set up is a very worth while cause. Look the benefit auction over, see if something catches your eye, and help out fellow gamers.


My Passion is Board Games

My friend Mark has started a video series on Passions, and I was the first person to come to mind for his project based on my passion of board gaming. This inspired a survey asking about how others have gotten into the board game hobby.


Announcement and Upcoming Events

Now that everyone is back to the real world after celebrating the Fourth of July, there’s still a lot of the month left, which means there are plenty of events planned. In connection with one of these events is an announcement.