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Announcement and Upcoming Events

Now that everyone is back to the real world after celebrating the Fourth of July, there’s still a lot of the month left, which means there are plenty of events planned. In connection with one of these events is an announcement.


International TableTop Day 2013

I’m still not 100% recovered from PAX East, but I’m doing pretty good. I’m hoping to do a post about it sometime next week. However, the focus for now is on International TableTop Day, which is tomorrow. 


Netrunner Intro Sessions

Just a reminder that on Tuesday, March 12th and Thursday, March 14th I’ll be at Great Lakes Game Emporium from 6-9 PM introducing players to Android: Netrunner. It’s a great game with a lot of interesting game play. Come in and check it out!


AEG Game Day

I’ll be showing off some great AEG games this Sunday at Great Lakes Game Emporium from 1-4 PM. Come by and learn one or two, maybe even win one and take it home!


March plans

There’s a lot going on next month, so I figure I should have some kind of announcement as to what’s actually going on to help everyone (including me) keep track. There are going to be the regular demos, but we also have some other fun things planned.