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May in Review – Lots of games and a giveaway!

May was a busy month, but in a good way. Lots of games got played, but not a lot of repeats, which means not much was done for reviews. But this sets me up for June to do reviews and talk about Origins. So let’s look back at May in review.


Origins 2015 is coming

Origins is just two weeks away. While it won’t quite compare to the events of last year, Origins 2015 is looking to be a lot of fun. I’m excited by a number of games that’ll be shown in Columbus.


Post Origins – Short Version

I’m still dealing with coming back to the real world, but Origins was an absolute blast. More people than I’ve seen in years and quite a few surprises. Here’s a quick rundown of the show highlights for me.


Tessen Review – Speedy Set Collection

While at Origins, I got to meet Chris Zinsli, better known on Twitter as @CardboardEdison. It was a rocky introduction, but he introduced me to Tessen, a game he and his wife designed, and offered to let me play it later that night at the UnPub area.


New games at Origins

I know I’m late in getting this posted, but last week kept me busy. At Origins, I got to play 7 games that were new to me, many of them being unpublished games. I love seeing the games in their prototype stages, playing them with the designer, and providing feedback on the games.


Back from Origins!

I’ve been preparing for Origins for the past two weeks, and I’m sorry that there hasn’t been an update. There’ll be some news with the next post, and a bit of a redesign is in the works. The main thing to take away from Origins was that I brought home a ton of games.