Ken Grazier

My name’s Ken, and I’ve been playing hobby level board games since 2004. I got introduced to them thanks to the Gaming Association of Penn State (GAPS). I started out with games like Munchkin and Fluxx, and slowly got more and more involved.
I started volunteering for Steve Jackson games in 2006, running games at the game store downtown. I enjoyed it while in college, and got more into the hobby. In my Junior year, I became the webmaster for the club, and was President of the club in my Senior year, running an eight hour game day once a week, using my own game collection at the time, open to all students of Penn State and anyone else that came by.

When I graduated from college, I moved to Ohio to start work. I didn’t find a gaming group, and lived on my own, so I wasn’t able to do any real gaming for some time. However, I met coworkers who were interested in gaming and was fortunate enough to find a group that played some games everyday at lunch. While not always deep strategy or long games, it was nice to get to meet more gamers and play games. I’ve also found local groups and have started demoing games at local game stores and groups.

Since then, I’ve also joined the demo teams for Looney Labs and Eagle & Gryphon Games. My game collection has grown a bit more than I’d like to admit, but I enjoy gaming more and more with each game I get to play, and enjoy teaching and talking about games almost as much as I enjoy playing them.

Sometimes I do reviews of games on this site. I am not paid by anyone to do the reviews, and my opinions are honest and as straightforward as I can make them. If I love a game or hate a game, you’ll know. Unfortunately, there are a lot of games out there I at least like, meaning there’ll be a lot of positive reviews. The point I want to make clear is that I’m going to be honest about the games I review, whether they are awesome or terrible. If you know of a game that I should review, let me know and I’ll see about getting to play it.

If you’d like to contact me, you can do so through the following page:

These are the five games I played most recently, and if you click it will take you to BoardGameGeek where you can see all of my logged plays.