When I say “Enhancements,” what does that actually mean? It means a variety of things, depending on the game.

3D Modeling

Some game inserts aren’t the best, or are good for storing a game, but not setting it up. I’ve designed several 3D printable game inserts, including Cindr, Curious Cargo, and Santa Monica. I also publish some of my designs for others to simply download and print themselves, like this one for The Rival Networks.

3D Printing

Not everyone has access to a 3D printer, so I also print the inserts that I make or print out accessories, pieces, or other items that others have created. For example, printing plastic pieces to use with Lanterns instead of the cards that come in the game. Printables and Thingiverse are great sites to find items for 3D printing.

Creating Player Aids

Having a quick reference for a game can be handy. Also having a card sized log can be a nice touch for games, such as Arkham Horror LCG, Hostage Negotiator, Super Skill Pinball, or The Crew. Something small enough to fit into a deck box with the rest of the game components makes players more likely to know what they’ve done so far and what’s next for them to do. I’ve also made dividers for games such as Imperium: Legends and Marvel Champions. I’ve also made a digital checklist for DiceMasters to help players complete their collections.

Custom Embroidery and Sewing

We used to have an Etsy shop that sold a variety of bags, initially for DiceMasters and then mostly ones for Arkham Horror LCG. We’ve also done custom bags for UnPub and Spurs. Thematic bags or ones that match player colors can be a nice way to make a game just a little more special. We’re big fans of The Quacks of Quedlinburg, so having free-standing bags where there aren’t corners that pieces can get caught in are a must for us.

Laser Cut Items

While we’ve not done anything with it yet, we do have a laser cutter and plan on making tokens and inserts for games. I’m looking forward to making acrylic pieces for games wooden inserts that people assemble themselves to make games faster to set up.