Bryan Fischer

Bryan is writer, board game publisher, game designer, artist, web designer, and father (in no particular order). He’s been playing board games for entirely too long and has been writing even longer. Some of his favorite games include 7 Wonders, Orleans, Kingdom Death: Monster, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Infinity, and Eldritch Horror. His tastes are eclectic and he’s played almost everything.

Bryan brings a unique perspective to game hobby writing because he is (or has been) a player, designer, publisher, and game artist.

In 2010, Bryan (along with his partners) started Nevermore Games and went on to publish Chicken Caesar, Mars Needs Mechanics, Dark Dealings, Spires, and Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve. Bryan co-designed Chicken Caesar and went on to design Pie Factory (Dice Hate Me Games) and Star Maps (The Spiel Press). He’s written fiction and rulebooks for various games including Blood Royals, Star Maps, Mars Needs Mechanics, and Chicken Caesar. Bryan has also worked on the artwork for various games including Tammany Hall, Captains of Industry, Ahead in the Clouds, and many more.

On Geek-Craft, Bryan focuses primarily on the hobby/crafting side of the hobby including painting miniatures, storage solutions, accessories, etc.

To contact Bryan:
Twitter: @bryanfischer
Instagram: bryanbfischer