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Origins 2012: Day 1 0

Origins 2012: Day 1

Arrived in Columbus, OH yesterday for Origins Game Fair 2012. First thing on the list was to visit the Mayfair room and see some old friends: The next stop was event registration, where I saw tables with Mayfair games printed on them. It was a very interesting idea and seemed really well made: Finally over to the Board Game Room to play Elder Sign and check out the rest of the library of games that the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society brought: Overall, a pretty good first day. Today I’ll be demoing for Mayfair and Eagle & Gryphon games, so if...

Gaming Grounds’ New Annex! 0

Gaming Grounds’ New Annex!

Gaming Grounds is a game store in Kent, OH. They’re a small shop, but tomorrow they’re opening “The Annex.” Their Facebook event page describes the event: We are OFFICIALLY opening The Annex up for everyday play! Help us celebrate our expansion with snacks, games, and all kinds of fun! We’ll have board games and terrain for all kinds of miniatures gaming… Feel free to bring your own games and decks too! Since I know it’ll be bringing in some people, I contacted the owner and we agreed that having me come down and demo some games would be a great...