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2012 – A year in reviews 2

2012 – A year in reviews

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking of how best to sum up 2012, both in terms of the games I’ve played and the things I’ve done. I played some new games released this year, but I’ve also played games that coming out next year and games that were new to me this year. Do I list my top plays of the year, even if they aren’t new games for me? After all the thinking, I believe I’ll do a little bit of everything. Listed below are the best games I played this year, for one reason or...

BashCon 0


Drove over to Toledo yesterday for BashCon, a smaller gaming convention that takes place every February. I took two friends with me as well. We went, saw some old friends from past Origins, and then sat down and learned some new games. First was Rocket Jockey from Mayfair Games. We did a three player game, and it took us a little while to get going, but we were also catching up with friends. Once we got the rules we got wrong corrected, the game went pretty quickly. I think it’s a good game, would work well with kids, and is...