Drove over to Toledo yesterday for BashCon, a smaller gaming convention that takes place every February. I took two friends with me as well. We went, saw some old friends from past Origins, and then sat down and learned some new games.

First was Rocket Jockey from Mayfair Games. We did a three player game, and it took us a little while to get going, but we were also catching up with friends. Once we got the rules we got wrong corrected, the game went pretty quickly. I think it’s a good game, would work well with kids, and is something I’ll be picking up at Origins.

Second was White Water, which is also from Mayfair Games. This is a game where you’re racing to get your rafts across the finish line. However, you play a part in two rafts, and each raft has two players in it. In our four player game, I was sharing boats with two of the other three players, which acted as a very interesting mechanic. You can’t completely go after someone, for fear of them not helping you with the raft you share.

Finally we played Nefarious, a game about being a mad scientist trying to make your name known. There’s an interesting way to get money based on what actions your opponents choose to do turn to turn, and every game is different based on two twist cards that are randomly determined at the beginning of the game. In our game, each player was penalized if they had picked the same action as anyone else. There was also an easier way to get invention cards, but you had to pay a card every time you built an invention. A game I’m really looking forward to getting a US print run.

Overall, we had a great time, learned some great new games, and it’s made me all the more excited for Origins!

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