It’s over 800!!!

No, not over 9,000, as the meme would imply, but my game collection has grown to over 800 items. Granted, I’m counting every expansion and every promo and everything else separately, as well as orders that are on their way, but it’s still over 800.

I always tell people I have a lot of games. I explain that I have over 800, and I usually get the question, “They make 800 games?” with a look of shock on their faces.

As I am a detail oriented person (I keep track of my games, so that’s a surprise), here are some details about my collection.


473 Games
328 Expansions
45 Games for trade
43 Games on my wishlist
91 Games released in 2011

Games by Designer

66 Games designed (at least in part) by Steve Jackson
46 Games designed (at least in part) by James Ernest
34 Games designed (at least in part) by Klaus Teuber

Games by Publisher

104 by Rio Grande Games
92 by Fantasy Flight
90 by Steve Jackson Games


268 Games with Hand Management
205 Games with Dice Rolling
164 Games with Variable Player Powers


298 Card Games
130 Fighting
120 Fantasy

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