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My Passion is Board Games

My friend Mark has started a video series on Passions, and I was the first person to come to mind for his project based on my passion of board gaming. This inspired a survey asking about how others have gotten into the board game hobby.


A New Look

I wanted to do something new with the website, so I contacted my friend Bryan Fischer about redoing the theme and helping me out. He agreed, and now the new look is active for the site. What do you think? All comments are welcome!

Welcome Reddit! 0

Welcome Reddit!

I posted one little link, and here I am with more page views on my site than I’ve ever seen. I want to thank everyone for checking out my website and want to show off a few pages in particular. Geek-Craft is on Facebook, Twitter, and has an RSS feed if you want to be alerted when I do a review, set up a demo night in north east Ohio, or just have something to say. There are some Reviews, talk about Conventions, and lots of games that I can teach if you’re in the area. I also have a large...

RSS Link 0

RSS Link

For those who are inclined, there is an RSS feed for Geek-Craft. It’s at: https://geek-craft.com/?feed=rss2 I’ll be updating the header later today to remove the Tumblr link, since it’s never really used, and replacing it with the RSS feed.

World Boardgaming Championships 0

World Boardgaming Championships

It’s short notice, but my I’ll be heading to Lancaster, PA for the World Boardgaming Championships. I’m only going for the last three days of the convention, but I should have enough time to get some games played and reviewed once I return. I know that I’ll be hitting up the Dice Hate Me Games people to try out the new rules for Compounded, learn VivaJava: The Coffee Game from the designer, and hopefully try out Take the Bait and The Great Heartland Hauling Co. which are the next releases. I’m also going to just learn any games I haven’t played or...

Uh-oh, my mistake – Rules mistakes in your games 2

Uh-oh, my mistake – Rules mistakes in your games

Have you ever sat down to play a board game with a friend, get everything set up, and while playing it realize your friend is playing by different rules? Of course, you can’t be playing it wrong, it has to be your friend messing things up, so you check the rulebook… Uh-oh… As someone who prides himself on knowing the rules to a lot of games, I have to admit that even I make mistakes. I found out through a recent GeekList on BoardGameGeek that I’ve been playing Bohnanza wrong. It’s a very simple game, but when I’ve played, I have always...