World Boardgaming Championships

It’s short notice, but my I’ll be heading to Lancaster, PA for the World Boardgaming Championships. I’m only going for the last three days of the convention, but I should have enough time to get some games played and reviewed once I return. I know that I’ll be hitting up the Dice Hate Me Games people to try out the new rules for Compounded, learn VivaJava: The Coffee Game from the designer, and hopefully try out Take the Bait and The Great Heartland Hauling Co. which are the next releases. I’m also going to just learn any games I haven’t played or play games I haven’t played much of.

If you have a game in particular you’d like to see reviewed or photographed, please let me know. If you’re on Twitter, I’ll do my best to tweet about the games I play, including pictures and opinions.

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