Uh-oh, my mistake – Rules mistakes in your games

Have you ever sat down to play a board game with a friend, get everything set up, and while playing it realize your friend is playing by different rules? Of course, you can’t be playing it wrong, it has to be your friend messing things up, so you check the rulebook…


As someone who prides himself on knowing the rules to a lot of games, I have to admit that even I make mistakes. I found out through a recent GeekList on BoardGameGeek that I’ve been playing Bohnanza wrong. It’s a very simple game, but when I’ve played, I have always skipped over the following rule:

When a player sells beans from a bean field, he may choose any bean field with two or more bean cards. A player may not sell beans from a bean field with a single card unless all his bean fields have just one card. In this case, he may choose which single card to sell.
It’s not a huge difference, but it certainly changes the way the game plays. Luckily I read through the rest of the mistakes players have posted to that list and don’t think that I’m making any of the ones they’ve listed.So, what mistakes have you made when playing games? Which rules seem to slip from memory for you the most often?

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2 Responses

  1. FarmerLenny says:

    I messed up Halikarnassos in 7 Wonders. I thought the play a card from the discard pile happened at the end of every age. Um, yeah, no wonder the B-side seemed way overpowered.

    • Ken says:

      I’m good at not getting that straight. Not in the way you suggested, but I always think that the free build is at the end of that age, not the end of that turn. Big difference. I’m also still not 100% sure if a Gold card that references Gold cards counts itself. For example, if I have 2 other Gold cards on the table and I play the Gold card that gives me 1 money per Gold card, do I get 2 or 3?

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