Announcement and Upcoming Events

Now that everyone is back to the real world after celebrating the Fourth of July, there’s still a lot of the month left, which means there are plenty of events planned. In connection with one of these events is an announcement.


First on the calendar is another Netrunner night at the Great Lakes Game Emporium on Thursday, July 11th from 7 to 10 PM. If you haven’t played the game before, stop by and we’ll teach you. If you’ve played the game a little, you can meet up with other beginners and try some of the other core decks. Of course, we’ll also have a few people there with fully customized decks, ready to face any opponent. The second tournament will be scheduled soon, and we’ll have prize support for up to 16 players! We’ll see when the prize kit is scheduled to arrive, but expect at least another Netrunner night sometime in July.



After meeting with a friend who works at Queen Games at Origins, I’m happy to announce that I am one of the first members of the Queen’s Jesters! On Saturday, July 20th, I’ll be at Great Lakes Game Emporium from 1 to 4 teaching Escape and Kingdom Builder. The store has a full speaker system, so I’m hoping to get multiple games running at once. I’ve also been given some promos to hand out to people who come and pick up the game at the store.


King of Tokyo

Finally, there will be a King of Tokyo tournament on July 27th where new players and veterans will come together to win promo cards and compete for a chance to take home the new Space Penguin! The winner will also go on to play against other top placers from the state to win a pass to Gen Con!

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