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Geek-Craft is excited to welcome Stronghold Games to the list of companies that support our demos. On January 5th, 2013, the first demo day at Gamers Haven will be Stronghold Games, including Revolver 2, Little Devils, Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom, Crude, CO₂, Core Worlds, Code 777, Space Cadets, Milestones, and Survive, the classic game of escaping Atlantis.

Stronghold Games

Thanks to Stephen from Stronghold for his support and I can’t wait to show off his great games!

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7 Responses

  1. Mike Pollock says:

    My boys and I are planning to come on the 19th. Could you possibly bring Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom, Space Cadets, and Survive again?

    • Ken says:

      I could consider that. Are you the person who brought his three kids in and played Sentinels of the Multiverse at one point? I ask because I volunteer for Mayfair and they may have some better fitting games for kids that young.

  2. Mike Pollock says:

    Yes I am. Thanks for remembering us. We actually played Sentinels recently and got our butts handed to us. It was fun though. I heard the Crazy Creatures game was geared for kids, but please steer us into the right directions. Their ages are 10, 8, and 5. The 5 year old usually just helps me so if you can show the older two some stuff, I would appreciate it. Space Cadets and Survive were more for me…

  3. Mike Pollock says:

    We love Castle Panic, Tsuro, King of Tokyo, Apples to Apples, Ticket to Ride, Dungeons and Dragons (but I am a very bad DM)
    Fell Flat: Elder’s Sign (due to complexity and likeliness to lose)

    • Ken says:

      We’ll be doing a Mayfair games day on the 19th, including Settlers Junior, which should be a great fit for you and your kids. Of course, there’ll be other games done by Mayfair, but I think that that one will be a very good fit for you and your family.

  4. Mike Pollock says:

    That sounds great. It was on my check-out list

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