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Origins 2015 is coming

Origins is just two weeks away. While it won’t quite compare to the events of last year, Origins 2015 is looking to be a lot of fun. I’m excited by a number of games that’ll be shown in Columbus.

Lucky Number 13 7

Lucky Number 13

Geek-Craft is excited to welcome Stronghold Games to the list of companies that support our demos. On January 5th, 2013, the first demo day at Gamers Haven will be Stronghold Games, including Revolver 2, Little Devils, Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom, Crude, CO₂, Core Worlds, Code 777, Space Cadets, Milestones, and Survive, the classic game of escaping Atlantis. Thanks to Stephen from Stronghold for his support and I can’t wait to show off his great games!

U-Con and new games 0

U-Con and new games

I got to go up to Michigan for U-Con with some friends, and we had a great time. I got to sit and play some new games or revisit some games that I haven’t played for a while. I’m going to give my first impressions of the games below, having only played them once. These are not full-fledged reviews, but give you a look at how I feel about the first plays of these games. If you see something you’d like me to do a full review on, leave a comment below.