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Hi everybody! 0

Hi everybody!

Wanted to make a special hello and welcome to everyone coming from DiceHateMe.com and really wanted to thank Chris (@DiceHateMe) for the shout out. I had a blast with his crew at Origins 2012 and can’t wait to see them all again. For those looking around, you can look at the games I teach and the companies I volunteer for, or ask me anything you’d like about gaming. I warn you, I’m sometimes a little harsh, but I’m always honest. If I don’t like something about a game, I will tell you up front. Every game is good for someone,...

Off Your Rocker! 0

Off Your Rocker!

Stratus Games is making a new party game about being a little bit crazy, or at least acting like it. In Off Your Rocker, you either play one of the patients with a strange quirk or the psychiatrist trying to figure out what the quirk is. They offered a preview to anyone who would review the game, and since I was already heading to MiniPenCon, I thought it could be a good chance to check the game out. In the game, the psychiatrist leaves the room and the patients look at a card and pick one of the two options on...

Looking for a store 0

Looking for a store

If you’re a gamer in the Cleveland-ish area, and you know a game store looking for someone to demo games, or at least would be willing to listen to a pitch from me, please let me know. I love teaching board games and would love to find a nice store to demo at.

Notice about Thunderstone Advance Night 1

Notice about Thunderstone Advance Night

Due to some differences in opinions about legal proceedings and how employees are compensated and treated, I will no longer be volunteering at Recess Games in Mentor, OH. I will keep this site posted with information as to where and when I will demo games from now on.

It’s over 800!!! 0

It’s over 800!!!

No, not over 9,000, as the meme would imply, but my game collection has grown to over 800 items. Granted, I’m counting every expansion and every promo and everything else separately, as well as orders that are on their way, but it’s still over 800. I always tell people I have a lot of games. I explain that I have over 800, and I usually get the question, “They make 800 games?” with a look of shock on their faces. As I am a detail oriented person (I keep track of my games, so that’s a surprise), here are some...