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I posted one little link, and here I am with more page views on my site than I’ve ever seen. I want to thank everyone for checking out my website and want to show off a few pages in particular.

Geek-Craft is on Facebook, Twitter, and has an RSS feed if you want to be alerted when I do a review, set up a demo night in north east Ohio, or just have something to say.

There are some Reviews, talk about Conventions, and lots of games that I can teach if you’re in the area. I also have a large collection of games and a post dedicated to how I run inventory on my boardgames every year.

Most importantly, this is for people who like board games. If there is a game that you’re curious about, let me know. I’ll be going to GenCon in a little over a week, and I’ll be happy to push to try a game if people want to see it. I’m already planning on checking out Dungeon Command, Seasons, and Farmageddon, at least in terms of games that are out now. I’ll be participating in another UnPub and trying out new games.

I’ll be taking lots of pictures of games and booths, trying to get in as many games as I can, and just having a blast at GenCon. If you think I’m missing out on a game, want to see pics of a game, or want to hear my opinion about a particular game, post below and I’ll take it into consideration.

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