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Welcome Reddit! 0

Welcome Reddit!

I posted one little link, and here I am with more page views on my site than I’ve ever seen. I want to thank everyone for checking out my website and want to show off a few pages in particular. Geek-Craft is on Facebook, Twitter, and has an RSS feed if you want to be alerted when I do a review, set up a demo night in north east Ohio, or just have something to say. There are some Reviews, talk about Conventions, and lots of games that I can teach if you’re in the area. I also have a large...

RSS Link 0

RSS Link

For those who are inclined, there is an RSS feed for Geek-Craft. It’s at: https://geek-craft.com/?feed=rss2 I’ll be updating the header later today to remove the Tumblr link, since it’s never really used, and replacing it with the RSS feed.