Incan Gold, What’s My Word?, and Pastiche tonight at Recess!

I’ll be teaching Incan Gold, What’s My Word?, and Pastiche tonight at Recess Games in the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor. Come on by, bring your friends, and check out the games!

Incan Gold is a game about everyone running into the temple and playing a game of chicken: Should you go farther into the temple and try for more treasure, or do you run before something bad happens and you lose all of your gains for the round?

What’s My Word? is a 2 player word game that plays a lot like the puzzle game Mastermind, but with 26 letters to pick from. Each player picks a word and has a goal of figuring out the other player’s word. It’s a great game for couples, and it can be set down, played during commercials, in the car, and everywhere else.

Pastiche is a game about making famous paintings by getting the correct colors of paint into your hand at the same time. If you collect one artist’s paintings, you can get bonus points. A beautiful game that is a great introduction to the world of hobby level gaming.

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