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Notice about Thunderstone Advance Night 1

Notice about Thunderstone Advance Night

Due to some differences in opinions about legal proceedings and how employees are compensated and treated, I will no longer be volunteering at Recess Games in Mentor, OH. I will keep this site posted with information as to where and when I will demo games from now on.

Incan Gold, What’s My Word?, and Pastiche tonight at Recess! 0

Incan Gold, What’s My Word?, and Pastiche tonight at Recess!

I’ll be teaching Incan Gold, What’s My Word?, and Pastiche tonight at Recess Games in the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor. Come on by, bring your friends, and check out the games! Incan Gold is a game about everyone running into the temple and playing a game of chicken: Should you go farther into the temple and try for more treasure, or do you run before something bad happens and you lose all of your gains for the round? What’s My Word? is a 2 player word game that plays a lot like the puzzle game Mastermind, but with 26...

Are you worthy to work at Ninja Burger? 0

Are you worthy to work at Ninja Burger?

Tonight I be demoing Ninja Burger, a game of fast food delivery to the strangest of places, and in 30 minutes or less! It’s a dice rolling game that has each player delivering food to places like the Ren Faire, Air Force One, or the Set of Chef Showdown. I’ll also have Munchkin, Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Nanuk, and some other games with me! Come for a bit and check out a game, or stay all night and learn a new favorite!

Eagle & Gryphon Game Night 0

Eagle & Gryphon Game Night

Giving everyone a little more than 2 weeks notice that on February 24th from 6 to 9 PM at Recess Games I’ll be demoing Incan Gold and Pastiche and answering questions about those and other games that Eagle & Gryphon Games make. Facebook Link Meetup Link

Steve Jackson Demo Night 0

Steve Jackson Demo Night

Seems we’re running on a two week schedule. So in two weeks on February 10th, we’ll have a Steve Jackson game night! Munchkin, Ninja Burger, Cthulhu and Zombie Dice, Chez Geek, and more. If you have a game in particular you’d like to see, please let me know. Want one kind of Munchkin versus others? Dying to try Chez Goth? Check out the Games page and pick out which game you’d like to try and leave a comment here letting me know what you want to play! UPDATE! The owner of Recess games has asked me to feature Ninja Burger...

Looney Labs Game Night Recap 0

Looney Labs Game Night Recap

Had a blast tonight. Loads of Fluxx being played, but also games of Are you the Traitor? and Seven Dragons and Aquarius. I think we need some Zendo next Looney Labs night! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Gave away a lot of promos, had a lot of people just walk in to find out what was going on, and had two games running at a time for most of the night.