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Looney Labs Game Night 0

Looney Labs Game Night

Just four more days until the Looney Labs Game Night at Recess Games in Mentor, OH. I should have my lab coat ready (Yes, I have a lab coat. It is a Looney Lab, afterall) and have loads of games to teach to everyone who comes. The one thing I’m really excited to show are the new Looney Pyramids, formerly known as Icehouse Pieces. Instead of a game, like Aquarius or Fluxx, think of Looney Pyramids like a deck of cards. A deck of cards itself is not a game, but allows you to play a lot of different games. A...

Update for everyone 0

Update for everyone

So a few orders of business need to be taken care of. 1) Welcome to the new Geek-Craft. It’s not much, I know, but I’m hoping to build it up to something that’s both for my game demos and for my crafting. 2) There’s a Google Calendar for my demos. You can subscribe to get updates as to where, when, and what I’m demoing. 3) Since last night went so well, I spoke with the people at Recess Games and we’ve set up a Looney Labs Game Night on January 27th from 6 to 8 PM. Come by, check the...

Last Night’s Gaming Session 0

Last Night’s Gaming Session

I went to Recess Games in the Great Lakes Mall, and ran two hours of Eagle & Gryphon games. With six other players, we did two games of Incan Gold, and we did a four and five player game of Botswana. Had a great time with everyone, and can’t wait for the next demo night!