Looney Labs Game Night

Just four more days until the Looney Labs Game Night at Recess Games in Mentor, OH. I should have my lab coat ready (Yes, I have a lab coat. It is a Looney Lab, afterall) and have loads of games to teach to everyone who comes.

The one thing I’m really excited to show are the new Looney Pyramids, formerly known as Icehouse Pieces. Instead of a game, like Aquarius or Fluxx, think of Looney Pyramids like a deck of cards. A deck of cards itself is not a game, but allows you to play a lot of different games. A set of Looney Pyramids will let you play a number of games, or maybe you’ll even make your own game. You can also use them as counters or like poker chips. You can see a list of possible games on BoardGameGeek, and on the official Looney Pyramids site as well.

One of my favorite games to play with Looney Pyramids is Zendo. Zendo is a deductive reasoning game that uses the Pyramids as pieces that the players use to build “koans” which either do or do not have the Buddha nature, a rule decided by player acting as the Master for that round. If you can figure out what the Buddga Nature is, you win the round.

I’ll also have a bunch of other Looney Labs games on Friday, like Chrononauts and Fluxx. So come by, learn some new games, and pick up a copy of your favorite from Recess Games.

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