Origins Game Fair 2012

Registration seems to be open for Origins Game Fair 2012. This board game convention happens in Columbus, OH and is five days of gaming of all kinds. I’ve gone every year since 2008 and I’ll be going again this year. It’s a lot of fun to get to meet up with a large number of gamers (over 11,000 last year), maybe get to play some games you haven’t in a while, like Diplomacy and Werewolf. or participate in tournaments like Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.

I’ll be volunteering for Mayfair Games again this year, who are one of the main sponsors of the convention. If you get to go to the convention, stop by the Mayfair booth in the dealer hall and visit the Mayfair room, which is always a blast. Maybe you can become a Knight of Catan and have a chance at taking home some prizes.

So if you get to go to Origins, have fun! If you have any questions about the convention, please let me know. Comment on this post or shoot me an email:

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