Post-PAX, TableTop Day, and Demos for April

Sorry for the hiatus in posting. This thing called life decided to get in the way of my gaming time, but now I’m fighting back! I’m going to cover PAX East, TableTop Day, and what kinds of demos I’m planning for April.

PAX East

This was my first time to any of the PAX conventions, and it was a very different show than the board game conventions I’ve been to in the past. I’m used to a lot of smaller events, where PAX East was focused more on fewer bigger events. Even the exhibitor hall was different from I was used to. Given that the main focus of the convention was video games, I was expecting lots of bright lights and loud noises. However, I wasn’t expecting people to be using bull horns to get the attention of the attendees. I also wasn’t prepared for the impressive displays that companies would have.

Wildstar at PAX East - Photo by Mark Vasko

Wildstar at PAX East – Photo by Mark Vasko

Also, I was not used to the sheer number of people and the length of some of the lines.

PAX East Exhibitor Hall Floor - Photo by Mark Vasko

PAX East Exhibitor Hall Floor – Photo by Mark Vasko


Overall, it was a really good time, but there are certainly some things that I’ve learned for next time I go.

  1. Find the one or two things you really want to see and make a point to wait in line and see them. I missed out on some of the video game previews that I wanted to see.
  2. Waiting in line isn’t a bad thing. There are some great people at PAX East and they’re all really friendly.
  3. Remember to take clothing next year… Long story, but a run to Wal-Mart the first night you’re there to get clothing is a story you’ll always remember.

You can see the rest of my buddy Mark’s photos on his Flickr page.

TableTop Day

This past Saturday was International TableTop Day, and I think we took enough games.

Games taken for TableTop Day

Games taken for TableTop Day

While I volunteer for a large number of companies, I don’t volunteer for everyone, so getting to show off games like Small World and King of Tokyo was great. I still demoed for my companies by teaching Sentinels of the Multiverse, Love Letter, and Munchkin Booty. Overall we had around 20 people show up and everyone had a great time.

Demos for April

There was a lot of interest in Sentinels of the Multiverse on TableTop Day, so I’ve decided to run a full event for that on April 13th from 1-4. Come learn this great co-operative game where each player is a super hero and you’re all working together to defeat the villain.

I also have some prizes to give away from Eagle & Gryphon games, so we’re going to do a game day for them on the 27th. Stop by and check out Incan Gold, Roll Through the Ages, Blockers: The Card Game, and more!

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