International TableTop Day 2013

I’m still not 100% recovered from PAX East, but I’m doing pretty good. I’m hoping to do a post about it sometime next week. However, the focus for now is on International TableTop Day, which is tomorrow. Geek & Sundry is celebrating the one year anniversary of TableTop, their show with Wil Wheaton where he plays board games with his friends. It’s a great thing for the hobby because it aims more at showing off the potential fun of a game rather than trying to teach every rule.

I’ll be at Great Lakes Game Emporium for some time tomorrow, probably most of the day. I’ve got a list of around 40 games I’m considering bringing, which seems like a lot, but there are a lot of games that I want to get to the table and introduce people to.

If you’re free for a bit tomorrow, come to the store, maybe even bring a game, and we’ll all play and have a great time. They have a Facebook Event set up for it so you can even invite your friends. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of fun, and some promos going home with people.

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