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Origins 2015 is coming

Origins is just two weeks away. While it won’t quite compare to the events of last year, Origins 2015 is looking to be a lot of fun. I’m excited by a number of games that’ll be shown in Columbus.


One Shell of a Game – Eggs and Empires Preview

As someone who loves Fleet, whenever Ben and Matt put out a game, I’m curious to see what they’ve been up to. Eggs and Empires is up on Kickstarter now, and they were kind enough to send me a prototype copy to try the game out. Is this an egg-ceptional follow up to Fleet, or is it just one big yolk?

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So everyone has been very patient while I’ve been fighting my lack of website design skills, and with the plans for the demo day on October 20th, I need to make an annoucement: Geek-Craft is now demoing for twelve companies! 5th Street Games AEG Clever Mojo Games Crash Games Dice Hate Me Games Eagle & Gryphon Games Greater Than Games Level 99 Games Looney Labs Games Mayfair Games Nevermore Games Steve Jackson Games You can see these game companies logos here: Demos.Geek-craft.com I’ll be working on making the page work in all browsers, so sorry if it looks strange in...

Eagle Gryphon Game day October 6th 0

Eagle Gryphon Game day October 6th

If you have some time this weekend, you should come to Gamers Haven and check out some great Eagle & Gryphon games. If you use Facebook, you can check out the Facebook Event here. It starts at 1 PM and we’ll be there until at least 5 PM. So come by, check out Cornucopia or Charon Inc., or one of the other great games that will be there.

Down time – What to do when you’re not gaming 0

Down time – What to do when you’re not gaming

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I don’t actually sit down and game every waking hour. There are times where I’ll go days without playing a board game. But there are things to do when you aren’t playing board games that can still help scratch that itch. I’ve listed some of my favorites below, but feel free to add your own in the comments.