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Once Upon A Time… – A Preview of Roguebook

As much as I like my board games, there are some digital games that really have a board game feel. Roguebook will launch on June 24th, but I got a preview version to check the game out. It’s a deck-building and dungeon crawling game set in a storybook where you fill in parts. Let’s see if the game is all write.

Omen Saga Header 0

War Never Changes – A Preview of the Omen Saga

Games that are for two players exclusively always seem to catch my attention. The game can focus on the interactions between the two players instead of worrying about balance for multiple player ranges. Small box games also draw me in for being easy to travel with. Omen checks both of these boxes, and it has quite a history. The new take on Omen revamps some of the rules and offers the game to a wider audience. Let’s take a look at the base game.