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March plans

There’s a lot going on next month, so I figure I should have some kind of announcement as to what’s actually going on to help everyone (including me) keep track. There are going to be the regular demos, but we also have some other fun things planned.


February Demos

It seems February is going to be a month of gaming and demos, both at Gamers Haven and the new Great Lakes Game Emporium. If you’re in either area, please consider coming to one of the demo events. This Saturday, February 2nd, will be a Sentinels of the Multiverse demo day at Gamers Haven from 1 to 4 PM. Come check out the game, maybe we’ll even get to play with a harder villain! On February 10th, I’ll be running Mayfair games at Great Lakes Game Emporium from 1 to 4 PM. The guys running the store have even said...


Mayfair Game Day!

On January 19th at 1 PM I’ll be at Gamers Haven in Parma Heights, Ohio showing off a variety of games from Mayfair Games. I know playing a game with kids can be a challenge, but Catan: Junior does a great job of being fun and interesting for children and adults alike. Atlantis is a relative newcomer to Mayfair, but is one of my favorites. The interesting game play keeps me coming back for another game. Station Master is a personal favorite, and one I usually end up teaching when I volunteer with them at Origins and GenCon. Of course, I’ll have...

Announcement! 0


So everyone has been very patient while I’ve been fighting my lack of website design skills, and with the plans for the demo day on October 20th, I need to make an annoucement: Geek-Craft is now demoing for twelve companies! 5th Street Games AEG Clever Mojo Games Crash Games Dice Hate Me Games Eagle & Gryphon Games Greater Than Games Level 99 Games Looney Labs Games Mayfair Games Nevermore Games Steve Jackson Games You can see these game companies logos here: Demos.Geek-craft.com I’ll be working on making the page work in all browsers, so sorry if it looks strange in...

We’re gonna need a bigger bag… 2

We’re gonna need a bigger bag…

So I am almot back to the non-convention mindset, feeling rather rested, and decided to see what all games did I actually bring back from GenCon. I know I got some in trades, got some with credit that I had with companies, got a review copy or two, and bought a few. Shouldn’t be too many, right? Right?

Post Origins Review 0

Post Origins Review

So I meant to have a post up here every night after the day’s events. However, when the hotel’s internet is flaky at best and coming back after talking and running around all day makes you want to just sleep, it becomes a little hard. However, if any of you are following the @demo_ken Twitter account, you’ll have seen lots of pictures and updates during the con. I’ll lay out the main events and things of note below the cut.