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Controlling the Chaos 1

Controlling the Chaos

As I posted a while back, I have a lot of games. Over 800 board games, counting expansions. The issue with having this many games is that you eventually need to keep track of what you have so you don’t buy multiples and so people who get you gifts don’t get you games you already have. Of course, in keeping track of the titles you have, it’s very easy to forget to add to the database that you have this game or that expansion. There’s also the issue of where the new games go, and sometimes where they end up...

Post Origins Review 0

Post Origins Review

So I meant to have a post up here every night after the day’s events. However, when the hotel’s internet is flaky at best and coming back after talking and running around all day makes you want to just sleep, it becomes a little hard. However, if any of you are following the @demo_ken Twitter account, you’ll have seen lots of pictures and updates during the con. I’ll lay out the main events and things of note below the cut.

Origins 2012: Day 1 0

Origins 2012: Day 1

Arrived in Columbus, OH yesterday for Origins Game Fair 2012. First thing on the list was to visit the Mayfair room and see some old friends: The next stop was event registration, where I saw tables with Mayfair games printed on them. It was a very interesting idea and seemed really well made: Finally over to the Board Game Room to play Elder Sign and check out the rest of the library of games that the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society brought: Overall, a pretty good first day. Today I’ll be demoing for Mayfair and Eagle & Gryphon games, so if...

It’s over 800!!! 0

It’s over 800!!!

No, not over 9,000, as the meme would imply, but my game collection has grown to over 800 items. Granted, I’m counting every expansion and every promo and everything else separately, as well as orders that are on their way, but it’s still over 800. I always tell people I have a lot of games. I explain that I have over 800, and I usually get the question, “They make 800 games?” with a look of shock on their faces. As I am a detail oriented person (I keep track of my games, so that’s a surprise), here are some...