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January 2017 0

January 2017 – Coffee boats in space

January 2017 has come to an end and I managed to play a game every day. I’m behind on my 100 new-to-me challenge, but things generally start slow for me. Let’s look at what I’ve been playing.

Happy New Year! 0

2017 – An Ambitious Year

I had some plans for my boardgaming in 2016. Some of them were successful, but others weren’t. I’ve made even more plans for 2017 with a bit more focus this time. Let’s talk about the plans for the new year.

Upgrading your Gaming 0

Upgrading your Gaming

I’ve been talking with some friends about things to do to make games just a little bit better. I think there are two main categories of upgrades to games, additions and replacements. I’m a fan of both, and want to talk about what it can do to a game.