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Split Decision - Origins 2018 Wrap Up 0

Split Decision – Origins 2018 Wrap Up

Origins 2018 is over and done. More people than ever! My schedule was packed with meetings, but I got to check out a lot of cool games. Now that I’ve returned to the normal world, let’s take a look back at the convention.

Month in Review - April 0

April in Review – What a month!

April was a busy month due to Unpub, the first convention of the year for us. On top of that, we’ve tried to play more new-to-us games, leading to 32 different games being played. It was a busy month, so let’s look back at April in review.

Grudges 3


I try to keep this site’s focus on positive things, but sometimes the bad needs to be faced. I recently tweeted that there are three boardgame companies that I have personal issues with: Mayday Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, and Valley Games. I’ve been asked by several people for the stories concerning each company, so I figure I’ll explain publicly. If you have questions or comments after reading my views, please feel free to comment. Just because I have an issue with a company doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t. Also note that for some of these stories, it’s been some time,...