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Pre-pear for a great time – A Pairs Kickstarter Preview

Pairs is a Cheapass Game currently up on Kickstarter. Note that the company behind it is actually Cheapass, but the games they create are some of the best simple and quick games I’ve ever seen. Pairs is a card based push your luck game. In the game, the goal is not to win, but simply to not lose. The game plays from two to eight players and takes minutes to play. The deck is made up of fifty-five cards. There is one 1, two 2’s, three 3’s, and so on to ten 10’s. During each round, all players are dealt...


The Cards of Cthulhu

Shane Tyree is a friend of mine who possesses as much artistic talent as I lack, which is an amazing amount. He’s done a bunch of art for a variety of games and has started his own Kickstarter project.