2018 – A Year of Changes

Normally I don’t really do traditional New Year’s resolutions. Instead I do a 100 x 1 challenge, where I try to play 100 new-to-me games in a year. This has lead to me playing a lot of different and fun games over the past few years, but in 2018, I’m going to change it up a bit.

I have a lot of games. No, really, a LOT of games. And unfortunately a number of the games are unplayed, which is just a shame. In an effort to still try to do a form of the 100 x 1 challenge, I’m going to break out my 2018 into a few goals which add up to 100. I’ll also detail a few games that I’m planning to include in each category.

50 New-To-Me games from my collection

My thinking for this goal is that it’ll still allow me to play other new-to-me games, but it will help me focus on playing things that I already own. They may be things I acquired in 2017, but they had to be in the collection before January 1st, 2018. Charterstone, a game I picked up just after Christmas, is already on the list, but I knew it would be. I was intrigued by the idea, and so far (of two games) the game has been quite fun. But there are a number of older games that have been on my shelves for years and haven’t been played. I’d love to try Caverna, especially given my enjoyment of the Cave vs. Cave two player small box version, not to mention my purchase of the Broken Token insert… One of the oldest unplayed games that I own is Scotland Yard. It’s older than I am! I think it being unplayed needs to be remedied.

25 New-To-Me solo games played

With my wife’s recent health changes, I’ve been considering playing more solo games. It keeps me playing games and I enjoy a number of solo games. Onirim, Legendary, and Vast come to mind. I’m not limiting this to only games that I own, though I suspect most of these will come from the collection, as I have quite a few games that are soloable. I think some good titles for this set will be SOS Titanic, Summit, and If I’m Going Down…. I am also open to some new releases for 2018 to hit this list, like Darkest Night or Deep Space D-6: Armada.

25 Games Purchased

This isn’t a goal to hit, but a limit on my acquisitions for this year. I’m running out of room to put new games, and since I want to focus on the games that I already own, it makes sense to limit my spending. Games included in this will be Kickstarter projects that I back in 2018 and base games that I purchase in 2018. It will not count expansions, as I play games like Arkham LCG, which would be a fair number of them this year. It also won’t include games that are delivered this year from previously backed Kickstarters. Now, I’m also being realistic and I know that I’ll buy and back some games, but I don’t have anything slotted for this category. Maybe that’s for the best.

25 Games Sold

With that many games, some of them just need to go. That’s not to say that they’ll be bad games, but when you have more games than your FLGS, it’s time to get rid of some games. Good news is that my FLGS does a flea market and last year, I sold a number of games through them.

Unlisted Goals

Now, these are things I figure will happen this year, but don’t really fit into the challenge format. We started Charterstone, and I’m excited to play more. Same with Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. I’m looking forward to doing more demos and events at my FLGS. I want to see about getting more involved in proofreading / editing / playtesting games, as I enjoy doing it. I’m also hoping to just enjoy playing more games and not fret about needing to run demos frequently.

What about you? What are your gaming goals for 2018?

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  1. George L says:

    I clicked on your Board Game Collection on BGG and was shocked by the number of games you have. Then I realized that was 1 of 11 pages. Damn, that is impressive! I can see why you would have a hard time playing them all.

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