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Review – The Keep 1

Review – The Keep

I love board gaming, but I hate that if I want to take more than a couple of games with me to a store to demo or on vacation, I have to use several bags. I’ve actually taken to using a rolling duffel bag loaded with games in their boxes, but I saw what I think is a great idea on Kickstarter. The Keep is a method of packing up the important stuff from your games, like the boards and pieces, and leaving the boxes behind. The Keep is a combination of parts. Magic Chambers are used to hold smaller pieces...

I’m on the “No buy list” 0

I’m on the “No buy list”

I’m someone who tends to get a lot of boardgames for Christmas and my birthday, and I’ve never complained about it. I love board games, and I really love that my friends and family understand that. The issue with the idea of getting me games as gifts is that I have to not own the game first. This means starting in October through my birthday in March, I’m held to buying almost no board games at all. The good news is that this will allow me to play through some of the backlog of games that I’ve amassed over the years....

Kickstarter Woes and Woahs 6

Kickstarter Woes and Woahs

Someone started a geeklist on BoardGameGeek about games that you’ve backed on Kickstarter and any regrets you have with the system. While there are certainly projects I regret backing, there are far more that I’m glad I helped make a reality. Below are some of those standout games. Most Disappointing Glory to Rome: Black Box edition is the first game that comes to mind. Glory to Rome is a strategic game where the cards represent the actions you can perform, the buildings you can build, as well as the materials to build those buildings. I really enjoy games that feature this...