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Geek-Craft goes to Unpub 0

Unpub 6 – The Best 2 Days in Unfinished Gaming

Unpub is one of my favorite conventions because it’s a chance to play games before they’re finished and anyone who attends can help influence a game into what it will eventually become. The convention is free for anyone to attend and play games, which means it’s a great opportunity to also increase knowledge of our hobby. I got to play a lot of great games and want to talk about them to get other people excited for them!


2015 – What a year!

2015 has been a heck of a year. Lots of new things, more of the regular good things, and some hiccups along the way. Time for a look back over the last twelve months.


Unpub 5 – A follow up

We’re back from Unpub 5 and we played a lot of interesting games. I want to talk about those games and about the convention and why you should consider Unpub in 2016, whether you’re a publisher, established designer, budding designer, or player.


Tessen Review – Speedy Set Collection

While at Origins, I got to meet Chris Zinsli, better known on Twitter as @CardboardEdison. It was a rocky introduction, but he introduced me to Tessen, a game he and his wife designed, and offered to let me play it later that night at the UnPub area.

Conventia – So many conventions, so little time 1

Conventia – So many conventions, so little time

I love going to board game conventions, but I know that I’m not aware of a lot of them. There are the big ones: Origins, GenCon, PAX / PAX East, and of course Spiel in Germany. I’m also looking for the not-quite-as-big ones, like BGG.con, DicetowerCon, and World Boardgaming Championships. I also know there are smaller local cons to northeast Ohio, like AnCon and Con on the Cob. I’d like to have a list of the board game cons that are worth going to, and I’m going to miss some, so why not leave a comment below so you can...