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If you happen to be a regular to the site, you’ll notice there’s now an advertisement on the right hand side of the frontpage. I was approached by Clever Mojo Games about putting up the ad for their Kickstarter project of releasing Alien Frontiers on the iPad. With Alien Frontiers being one of my highest rated games and Clever Mojo Games coming out with more and more awesome looking products, I wholeheartedly agreed.

I’ll be putting up a review of Alien Frontiers soon, and my review of Compounded is waiting on approval from the designer. After that, I’m planning on doing more reviews of other games from my collection. If you have any you’d like to see, leave a comment on this post.

I’m still looking for a FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) to demo at, so if you know of any good stores to support in the Northeast Ohio region, leave a comment for that too.

For the meantime, check out Alien Frontiers for iPad on Kickstarter!

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