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First Impressions Spires 0

First Impressions – Spires

One of my favorite things about board games are the discussions after the game is put away. You talk about strategies, why you enjoyed the game, what you didn’t like, and all those fun little details that don’t generally make it into a review. I’ve decided to fix that with First Impressions!


Origins 2015 is coming

Origins is just two weeks away. While it won’t quite compare to the events of last year, Origins 2015 is looking to be a lot of fun. I’m excited by a number of games that’ll be shown in Columbus.


Geek-Craft Game Chats with Bryan Fischer

I’m good friends with Bryan Fischer, who is both a game designer and a publisher. He’s always someone I can chat with about board games with and is a great resource of feedback for me. Let’s get to know him a bit better.

Announcement! 0


So everyone has been very patient while I’ve been fighting my lack of website design skills, and with the plans for the demo day on October 20th, I need to make an annoucement: Geek-Craft is now demoing for twelve companies! 5th Street Games AEG Clever Mojo Games Crash Games Dice Hate Me Games Eagle & Gryphon Games Greater Than Games Level 99 Games Looney Labs Games Mayfair Games Nevermore Games Steve Jackson Games You can see these game companies logos here: Demos.Geek-craft.com I’ll be working on making the page work in all browsers, so sorry if it looks strange in...

Mars Needs Mechanics – A Review 1

Mars Needs Mechanics – A Review

I got to meet Ben Rosset when I went to the World Boardgaming Championships this year. I had seen some talk about his game, Mars Needs Mechanics, but I didn’t get a chance to sit down and learn the game. I made sure that at GenCon, I’d give his game a shot. If a guy has a giant rocket to help people find his game, I think it deserves a look. When there’s a really fun backstory for a game, I know it’s something I need to see. I really enjoyed the way the game worked and Ben’s enthusiasm helped show...