A Year Of Gaming – Week 11: Patience

A few new additions to the collection and some fun, new games hit the table this week. Hoping it lasts me for a while…

This article references the time between March 9th and March 15th, 2020.


This week saw a few new games hit the table and some ones I’ve played before. No Thanks! is a classic game of pushing your luck and being greedy. I don’t usually do well, but I still enjoy playing it. The newest edition has huge cards, almost as big as the box for the last edition, but it still works and is a fine addition to any game night. Bloxx! is a dice based Tetris-like game about filling out the board. It has some unique twists, like spots that you’re trying to circle for points, and is easy enough for everyone to play.

New to me this week were Tales of Danger: Days of Discovery. This game of multi-use cards worked well, but the first two phases didn’t feel like they had a ton of impact on the third phase? I’ve only played once, so obviously there may be stuff I’m missing. I still enjoyed the game. Also new this week was Silver Coin, the latest game in the Silver series. I liked it a lot with two players and think the abilities are a little easier to understand than the ones in Silver. Unlocking Insanity: Dice Vermiis Mysteriis is a roll and write about following Cthulhu and likely going crazy in the process. While I had some issues with the game components, the game play was fun. I’d like to see it with more than two players.


A few new games this week. The latest Arkham Horror LCG pack is out, and even as behind as I am, I’m excited to see new cards. My English version of The Crew arrived, which I’m excited about. The quality of the cards is improved significantly. Well worth the $15. Plunder: A Pirate’s Life is a game that was advertised on BGG and I thought it looked like an interesting entry level pirate themed game. I haven’t played yet, but the components are gorgeous. Unlocking Insanity and Silver Coin also entered the collection.


Due to the corona virus and all of the concerns and risks associated with it, all events are cancelled / on hold for the time being. That being said, if you have questions about games or want to talk about them, please reach out.

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