A Year Of Gaming – Week 15: Hush Hush

Not a lot to talk about this week, and the stuff there is to talk about… well… I’ve gotta be quiet about some of it.

This article references the time between April 6th and April 12th, 2020.


I played two games this week. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about either of them… So, with that in mind, Animal Crossing has been a lot of fun to play lately. I’ve also gotten back into Rogue Legacy, a fun platformer and legacy style game. It can also be really challenging, to the point of needing to stop playing it for a bit. The traits for the characters can be really interesting and fun, such as a character who is Clumsy, which means you automatically break everything you run into. The traits make each run unique and the ability tree to unlock different classes has a ton of options.


Traintopia arrived from Board&Dice, but clearly it’s a fake. It’s a game from the company who brought you Teotihuacan and Trismegistus and will be publishing Tawantinsuyu, this is a game that starts with a T and can be pronounced easily. Jokes aside, it looks simpler than a lot of the Board&Dice games I’m familiar with, but many of those games are fairly heavy. Tile placement and drafting are two mechanics I enjoy.


I ran more Jackbox Games with friends this week, and had a good time. Aside from that, it’s been a slow week, which is okay. Just trying to hang in there and deal with what the new normal is. If you have suggestions of other games to play, want to see something hit my table, or just want to talk about gaming, please reach out.

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