A Year Of Gaming – Week 28: Duels and Dummies

Not a normal weekly post, a little ranty, a little angry. Maybe this is the new normal.

This article references the time between July 8th and July 12th, 2020.


Nothing hit table. Sam’s been more in the mood for light games, but with working on the floor installation and going a bit stir crazy from the quarantine, there’s just very little energy to spend on learning a new game. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it.


I finally got Cosmic Encounter Duel in the mail. I got it through Fantasy Flight Games using my credit for playtesting Arkham Horror LCG. I have to say, I am not a fan of how they handle things and I’m glad I’m not still doing playtesting for them.


So, I’m gonna warn you now: This is gonna get a bit ranty.

I live in the Cleveland area. My local grocery store has implemented one way aisles. Masks are now required throughout the county. Social distancing signs are everywhere. And while some are following directions, so many people aren’t.

Wear a mask.

Maintain social distancing.

Follow directional aisles in stores.

Don’t go celebrate the 4th of July with folks or have big parties.

Don’t go on vacation, do extra travel, or do anything that might expose you to the virus.

I understand you have personal freedoms. I understand you’re tired of all of this. You want things to go back to normal. Everyone does. But if we don’t concede small things now, we’re putting much larger things at risk.

I’m getting tired of being nice and courteous to folks who I ask to put their masks back on in stores. I’m worn out from having to go through extra steps just to make sure my wife and I are safe. I get going stir crazy and needing distractions. I get being tired of this whole situation. But, to reference something I saw on Reddit, I’m feeling like the only one in a group project doing any work. To get through this, we all need to work, we all need to sacrifice, we all need to use some common sense.

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