Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fluxx!

Cthulhu Fluxx Box

Cthulhu Fluxx Box

For those that don’t know, Fluxx is a very simple card game with 4 kinds of cards: Goal, Action, New Rule, or Keeper Cards. During the game, each player will play card from their hand and try to win. The gameplay are simple: Follow the rules on the table, trying to get the right cards to match the current goal.

Of course, those rules will change turn by turn, so it could be Draw 4, Play 2 one turn and then Draw 1, Play 3, First Play Random next turn. The goal of the game is also constantly changing, so it can be a little frustrating to new players. You play Keepers in front of you and they are usually what’s needed to fulfill the Goals in the game and make you win. For example, there are Keepers like Chocolate, Cookies, Dreams, Flowers, or Milk. There are Goals like Chocolate Cookies, where a player with both Chocolate and Cookies in front of him wins. Another goal using the example Keepers is Milk and Cookies, which requires a player to have those two cards.

Games can last anywhere from one turn to over an hour. The game is very chaotic, but there is some strategy involved. Knowing which Keepers pair together is an important part of the game that comes with repeated plays.

There are other versions of this game. Zombie Fluxx adds Zombies and Creepers, which are like Keepers except they make it harder for you to win the game. Family Fluxx has special bonus rules for certain family members and has very simple Keepers. Star Fluxx, my personal favorite so far, has references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Look closely at the Geek-Craft logo. See the 42?) and other sci-fi standards.

The new version that I received in the mail yesterday is Cthulhu Fluxx. Based off of the mythos of H. P. Lovecraft, this version of the game features UnGoals, which are ways that the game can beat the players. It also showcases more Creepers, especially Creepers that get attached to Keepers. For instance, you can have The Dreamer Keeper have Nightmares.

I’ll be looking to play this and show it off to anyone in the area who would like to play. So, who wants to join me and go a little crazy?

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