A Year Of Gaming – Week 45: Creatures, Casting, And Corporations

Janice over in accounting is a real witch, and Steve in accounts payable can be a real dog. Of course, I’m being quite literal this week with games involving animals, magic, and office buildings.

This article references the time between November 2nd and November 8th, 2020.


I did a variety of digital gaming this week, but nothing in person… kind of…

I played Potion Explosion with a friend on BoardGameArena and did some games of One Deck Dungeon via the Steam app. I think the digital versions of each of these games are well done, and I really prefer the digital version of One Deck Dungeon to the physical. I don’t know how it knows I roll poorly though.

I got on stream with Grey Fox Games and learned Arcana Rising. It’s a game of learning and casting spells, but with a very limited amount of time to get anything going. It was quite fun and I look forward to trying it again.

On Friday I sat down with Sam to do Adventure Games: Monochrome Inc. with my friends Scott and Lisa. I say we kind of didn’t do this in person as they are in Texas and we played via a Zoom session with each couple having a copy of the game. Unfortunately, we stopped playing about an hour into play due to weirdness with the rules and way the game worked. I’m going to complete it on my own so I can give it a fair shake.

Saturday morning I did two games of digital Root through the Steam app with Michael from Hub Games. I really like the digital implementation with how it guides you. I’m still not great at the game, especially as the vagabond, but it’s still enjoyable. I also did part of a game of Coyote on Tabletopia with Heidelbar Games. It’s a fun game, even if Michael didn’t quite teach us the rules correctly.

With all of this digital gaming, it would be great to read an article about some of the options available to you, wouldn’t it? Well then, just click here!


I got Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island and Exit: The Cemetery of the Knight to review, and I’m looking forward to trying both of them. I also went to a not quite local FLGS that has now closed and got Deadly Doodles 2 and Hats. Always sad to see a local store close, but with there being so many in the Cleveland area and with how this year has gone, it surprises me that more haven’t dealt with the same fate.


I’ve been considering trying a Twitch stream that would be an hour-long board game “radio” show where folks could ask questions, get recommendations, and me and someone else could talk about games, play games, etc. I don’t know how much interest there would be, but if that sounds interesting, please let me know.

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