New Games, New Year, and News

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been keeping me rather busy as of late. Been playing a lot of games, working on game related projects, planning conventions, and helping out with some folks new to the hobby. Here’s an update so you know what I’ve been up to lately.

New Games

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of playing a lot of new games recently. I’ve hooked some coworkers on Android: Netrunner, which is a lot of fun but has quite the rulebook to get through. I’ve played Blockers: The Card Game, X-Wing: The Miniatures Game, Love Letter, and Seasons recently, all were very fun. I got to teach some great Mayfair games last weekend at Gamers Haven, and have been enjoying all of the games I’ve been actually getting to play.

Game Related Projects

You may have noticed that I’ve signed up to volunteer with Stronghold Games. I think that Stephen makes some great games, both in game quality and component quality. However, I got Space Cadets and knew that there would be a demand for some kind of buttons with the logos on them. I am happy to help promote the Bridge Station Buttons that I helped make. The bad news is that they’re low on stock. The good news is that I’ll be making more.


In 2013, I was planning on going to Origins, GenCon, and WBC, as well as a few smaller local conventions. I recently figured out that going to PAXEast was also doable this year, so we’ll be going to Boston in March. I’m really looking forward to checking out another game convention, especially one that balances board and video games. If you have any tips or tricks for PAXEast, or any other convention, leave a comment below.

New Store

I live near Cleveland, OH, and I found out that there’s a new store opening up in Mentor called Great Lakes Game Emporium. They’ll be carrying a variety of board games, have seating for 100 customers, and seem very interested in demos. You can check out their Facebook page here, and they open on the 31st with a Magic: The Gathering event. I’ll keep you posted on what kinds of demos will be going on there.

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